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Barber Shop

Barber Shop

Barber Shops are places where people visit for haircuts and some minor makeovers. This girl has opened a Barber Shop thinking to thrive in the business but she very humbly seeks your help for the purpose. Help her get off to a strong start by providing outstanding customer service. To make life simple, right now I am only offering haircuts and shampoo service. Help me reach today’s target so I can stay in business. Each day, you will need to attend certain targets by attending to the incoming customers. The cash earned can be used to purchase items to improve the facility in the shop to serve more customers and with better facilities. Later you can provide magazines for the customers who can read while waiting to avoid getting frustrated. As the levels progress with you attending to the need of each incoming customers, you will be earning cash that you need to use efficiently to expand the business and keep getting richer and more prosperous. Use the mouse of the computer to play this fun filled and simple online game. Always bear in mind that the customers simply do not appreciate waiting too long before being attended and they might leave. Too many customers turning away from your show without being properly served will not do your business any good.