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Bars have evolved into a more competitive business as compared to those early days where bars were a place for plain drinks. In the earlier days, the owners of the bars would hardly need anyone to assist them to run the business. It used to be simple selling business that would earn the owners some cash. However, now a days, bars have become a hang out place for the lavish and even the owners of the bars are needed to hire some trained people to manage the place and attend the incoming customers who are ready to pay handsomely for good drinks and cocktails. Here in this online game you will be playing the role of a bartender who has to pour in the right kind of liquids and items before shaking it and serving it to himself. Making the right mix is a very challenging task especially because you have very high expectation from yourself prepared cocktails. Use the mouse to pick and items and press pour to put them in the shaker. After you think you have poured in all that you have to, you can click on shake to mix it well and then you can click on serve to take the last action. Drink the cocktail that you have prepared. Your points earned will judge the quality of your cocktail.