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Busy Restaurant

Busy Restaurant

Busy Restaurant is the most appropriate title that could be given to this particular online restaurant game. Here in the game, you will be helping Jane to serve the customers at a very busy restaurant. Drag the customers to an open dining table to seat them. When the customers raise their hands, click to the customer to give them a menu. Their order will then be shown on a notepad. Click on an open food or drink station to have the customerโ€™s order prepared. Choose type of food or drink and then back to food or drink table again to processing the order. Bring the prepared food or drink to the dining table. After the customer finishes their meal, you should take the plate and glass and drop it off in the sink. Throw empty cans into the garbage can. Money for the meal will be left on the table. Click it to collect it. If you find flies on the food, you should use bug spray to kill them. If a mouse appears, hit it with a broom to make it go. In each level of this restaurant management game, you will certain targets to try and achieve by rendering excellent service to all the customers who come there. The customers would not appreciate to be kept waiting for too long and hence you need to be efficient. Make sure that you do not get fired for your poor performance. All the best! Use the computer mouse to pay the game.