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Diner Dash Hometown Hero

Diner Dash Hometown Hero

Most of the businesses start small but with pure dedication and hard work, they can be made to grow big. In any customer associated business, your main objective should be to satisfy the customers with what your business tag promises to deliver. You are running a Diner at your hometown and you have the intense desire to help the business prosper and grow. Keep the customers happy by serving them as fast as you can. The happier they are, the more points you will earn. Reach the target number of points to win a level. If the customers are made to wait too long, they will get upset and leave the place. Click and drag a customer group to a clean table. Move your mouse to place them in matching color seats. The more times you match a seat color, the bigger the bonus you earn. Click on a table to pick up an order and then click on a ticket station to drop it off. Click on the food at the counter to pick it up. Click on the corresponding table to drop it off. Click on the table that has finished eating to drop off the checks and collect tips. Click on the table to pick up dirty dishes. Click on the dish bin to drop them off. Mind you that you can only carry 2 items at once. In each level of the game, you should try to attain certain targets and justify your management skills that everyone is talking about.