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Family Restaurant

Family Restaurant

There are many restaurants around and given the requirement of people, specific kind of restaurants are coming up these days. Family Restaurants are very popular and as the name suggests, these are places where families visit. Such restaurants are expected to be more decent and sport family atmosphere. You can play this game for free or you may even download the full version of the game for more fun. This particular restaurant in the game used to be a 3 star family restaurant which people loved to visit with their families. However, the man running the restaurant has become too old and he admits that he is no longer fit to manage the place as he is making too many mistakes. You are Jenny who has to take over the rein of the restaurant, as you are a very talented cook. You will be starting the restaurant business with 1 star left and your target should be to make the restaurant business so successful that it gets back to being the top family restaurant with 5 stars. The old retired owner will share his experience and tips to help you manage the place and run the business. Your management skills will play a vital role while you play this interesting online game. Provide very good service to the customers and attain daily targets while keeping all the customers satisfied with the service. Use the earned money to improve the facilities at the restaurant and that will probably draw more customers and hence more business. The mouse of the computer has to be used to play this interesting online game. The game has nice graphics and very addictive game play.