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Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush

Here you have this really funny online game that puts together cooking game elements and management game elements. The featuring of the ex-prez as the main character of the game makes this game even more entertaining. Hot Dog Bush has a stand out graphics that is perhaps the prime highlight of the game apart from the interesting concept and cool game play. Dubya’s first day on the job is nothing but just confusion. The game requires him to create meals and deliver them to the customers. Nothing should go wrong while you play as the character serving the various customers. Click on food to add to counter. Remember that food cooked to perfection glows. Select food, click on bun to add. Click on the customers to serve them. The burnt food items can be put into the bin. Ensure that the food items that you prepare is well garnished to look attractive and also pick the suitable drinks to match with the food items that you have prepared for the customers. Do not keep the customers keep waiting for too long. This funny management based game that also contains cooking game elements can be played in Career Mode or Speed Mode. In each of the modes, there are different places where the ex-prez wants to run the hot dog stalls.