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Papa’s Pancakeria

Here you have this cool online game from the The Papa Series. The interesting concept and presentation of the game will likely get you addicted to the game play or at least increase your chances of replaying the game. The game has very attractive graphics that makes the game even more appealing. You can choose to play the game as the male or the female character that the game features. You are the lucky one who gets a job of helping Papa Louie run the cafe located at the lovely Maple Mountains. Your place is very popular for delicious and lovely looking pancakes. The game is a mixture of cooking and management game elements. Your ultimate goal while playing this game should be to prosper the business to great success by managing the place. Your tasks in the game are to take orders from the customers, prepare those items and serve them to the customers. By doing so you will be earning cash to reach certain daily targets. Little by little you will do the business good but remember that the customers will not be impressed if you do not stand up to their expectations. The money earned by serving the customers can be used for purchasing upgrades and various requirements of the cafe to be able to provide better service to the incoming customers who will love to keep coming back. It may take some time to master the game play but thankfully, the game provides enough tips initially to help you understand the basic requirements of the game. The customers are a bit fussy but that should not disappoint you because you cannot expect them to pay you for nothing. Use the mouse to interact and play this game.

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22 Responses to Papa’s Pancakeria

  1. lucas maciel says:

    cool one

  2. kyuk says:


  3. Elif.Belictioner says:


  4. shania says:

    it is very fun to play this games

  5. masvin says:

    it is a intersting game

  6. khemika says:


  7. Makayla says:

    I wish I had a better life.
    When will I get a job and a life.

  8. alison yepes says:

    me encantan estos juegos

  9. damorriah says:

    i love this game

  10. damorriah says:

    this game is so fun i cant even get up to pe

    i want to pe but i cant get up my mom said shes on the dating . com

  11. jennifer says:


  12. LKKAINYA, says:

    inqre q paso super q invento este juego y todo osea gue q onda osea yo fresa y tu crema y son fresas con crema gelou : ]

  13. SUNDEESHA says:


  14. codie says:


  15. Bonita says:

    I love this kind of game

  16. Rayssa says:

    Muito legal !!!

  17. zanjabeel says:

    this is a very cool game. I play this all the time. I like it very very much and papa series.

  18. miley cyrus says:

    you all comment this i love this game

  19. miley cyrus says:

    love this game

  20. Nadra Fair says:

    this game is exciting

  21. maxito says:

    muy bueno

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