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Party Down

Party Down

Party Down follows a team of Los Angeles cater waiters that have opted out of normal lives of traditional jobs and nuclear families hoping for their big break. Stuck working for tips, our crew of misfits with the exception of the ruefully jaded Henry – pass the days inevitably getting tangled up with the colourful guests and the absurd drams of their lives assuming that their time in catering is just a brief place-holder before success. Party Down is about the misadventures you endure while waiting on others. And about the life you lead while waiting for your real one to start. Select the level and start playing the game. The guests who come in should be made comfortable and seated. Go fetch the food item that the guest demands and serve them to keep them happy. Later you can escort them to certain areas where you start conversation with other guests at the party. There are so many activities that will be taking place at the party, and hence you will need to be on your toes all the time to ensure that the guests get thoroughly satisfied with your hospitality. You will be earning cash while carrying out your job. Try to earn maximum cash. Use the mouse to play the game.