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Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner

Game developers have thought cleverly and managed to hit the nail on the head by choosing to feature penguins in this online game. Given the fact that this game is a management based restaurant game, you can expect the game to appeal to many players and the inclusion of penguin characters stretches the liking range of the game drawing more players from all age groups. You are probably a business-minded penguin who decides to run a restaurant in the Arctic regions. The penguins around that area would love to have such a wonderful service. As the penguins who are your customers walk into your restaurant, it is your job to get them seated at an available table without any delay. Once the customer signals that he/she is ready to take orders, you can click on the customer or the table to take orders. When the order is ready, food appears in the food area. Select the dish and then click on the respective customer or their table to serve them. Once the customer is done, click the table to pick up the cash and clear the table. Now the table will be ready for the next customer. Remember to keep an eye on the clock because you have got limited time to earn as much money as you can. If an angry customer runs away, you can thrash their unwanted dishes. Be quick to serve the customers in order to keep them happy and earn more tips. Use the money to buy better upgrades that will help you serve the customers better and eventually prosper your business.