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Serving Game

Serving Game

When you visit a restaurant or you visit any stall, you expect to be served with efficiency and respect. You are always right in expecting such a service and in fact you love to revisit those places where good services are provided. Take a moment to think about all the hard work and presence of mind that is required to run such restaurants or stalls. You must have thought that it is such a simple job for which they get paid. Well, the best way to understand all the difficulties associated with this kind of business is by running the business on your own. Get on the other side of the desk of this fast food stall that is located in one of the busiest areas of the town. Many customers especially youngsters keep coming to the stall to buy some items that are available at the stall. Now you being in charge of the stall will need to be quick enough to take the orders and serve them with the items they wish to buy. The wishes of the customers are shown on the thought clouds on the screen. You need to quickly place the right items on the tray and press the submit option to the left side of the play area. Your scores will show how well you have performed in running the stall. Mind you that as the levels increase, the challenges become more difficult. Do not panic though. This very colourful and interesting online game is played using the mouse of the computer. It is fun to play.