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Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar

You have the smarts. You have the drive. Now you just need the job. You are hired or you are fired, it is all up to you. In each level of the game you have a goal to try and achieve. If you are an expert, you can even strive for the higher goals. Your task is to run one of Los Angelesโ€™s best sushi bars in the heart of Little Tokyo. Serve your customers quickly and efficiently throughout the first five game levels to see if you are worthy of becoming The Apprentice. When customers appear, click them to give them a menu. After they place their orders, pick up the appropriate item on the counter and then click the customer. Do not forget to collect the money once the customer leaves. You need to get rid of the wrong items by throwing them away in the garbage can in the rear. Sometimes customers want more than one item. If they order umbrella or balloon souvenirs, you will need to select the appropriate item and then click the customer. Inflate balloon by clicking the balloon pump. Then click on the balloon and then the customer to have it delivered. As the levels progress, more and more instructions will be provided, you need to follow them and do accordingly to prove your efficiency and do your job. Use the computer mouse to play this excellent online game. Always remember that you serving tray should be empty in order to pick up the new item to be served before the impatient customers who will only pay for good service. Keep an eye on their mood bar to understand who slow you have been in attending them.