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Top That 2

Top That 2

Restaurant running games have appealed to youngsters and here you have one more game of the genre with plenty of excitement and tasks to carry out. You have to assemble the items on the customerโ€™s order. Keep the customer happy by delivering the food quickly. Try not to make mistakes. Happy customers tip better than angry ones. Making your customers happy might get you named as the best employee of the day. For the most cash, try to deliver dishes while the satisfaction meter is high. The game can be played in easy, medium or hard mode. In order to qualify for the High Scores, you will have to play the hard mode which is called Rush Hour. The instructions offered in the game are not readable and that is something that the developers might want to check out. However, you as a player of the game need not wait for the errors to be fixed. Get started and as you play the game, you will soon get to understand how to go about your business. The mouse of the computer has to be used in order to play the game that will require you to interact and make good use of your cooking and management skills during the exciting game play.