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Valentine Shop

Valentine Shop

Our lady Valentine wants to help people celebrate her namesake day. She needs you to help run her store and make money to improve and grow. Customers walk in to the store and their orders can be seen in their thought bubbles. Click on the chocolate machine to start making the chocolate ordered. Upgrade the chocolate machine to speed up the process and buy other items for other benefits. You can continue managing the store for as many as 10 days and be mindful of the fact that each day, you will have certain targets to try and achieve and show that you truly are very efficient. Your customers will soon form a long queue and it will become really hard to manage them as they get impatient if you make them wait for too long. Hence, be quick and correct to serve the customers and keep the counter clear for more customers to walk in. The graphics and the music of the game are good. Use the mouse of the computer to play this fun online game. At the end of the game, you will be submitting your scores and hence you better score high points or feel the embarrassment caused by the rebuking customers who were very upset with your sloppy service.