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You must have seen waitress attending you and other customers at various restaurants. Some of them do a pleasant job by making you feel very comfortable and by serving you promptly with the orders that you place. You anticipate visiting those restaurants again and you might even recommend those restaurants to your known people. While some other waitress really disappoint you with their service and hence you are reluctant to revisits those restaurants, leave aside recommending them to others. However, it is not an easy job to be a waitress and you can only understand that by trying out this particular online game where you play as a waitress. Your job as a waitress is to serve the clients. Take orders from your clients, bring orders to the counter, clean the table and later serve the ordered food items on the respective tables of the clients. You should also know about the various facilities available in the restaurant to be able to serve the clients more efficiently. Try and take order as quickly as possible because the clients who come there are very busy people and they will appreciate to be kept waiting for too long. Bear in mind that each disappointed customer will cost you one life. If one of the clients at a table decides to leave, his partner leaves too and you will lose 2 lives. There are various tips that the game explains and you need to bear them in mind to be more effective. The scores that you put up with your good service will judge you. Use the mouse to interact during the game play. You will be challenged while playing this awesome online restaurant game.