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Yum Cookies

Yum Cookies

Who does not like cookies? I am sure the answer would be none. Everyone, be it children or adults, girls or boys, men or women would love to be served with yummy cookies. Well, hold on for a minute. This is not a game in which you eat or serve the cookies, but you have some other tasks to accomplish. Games Miracle presents to you this fun filled online game that is very colourful and very interesting. The boy and the girl in the game make a good pair working as a team to carry out the specified tasks in the game. The game features two conveyor belts that run in opposite directions. One of the conveyor belts holds some yummy desserts on them while the other conveyor belt has faded images of the yummy desserts. The challenge for the gamer is to click on a yummy dessert and then click on the corresponding dessert on the conveyor belt holding the faded images of the desserts. Be quick because the time in each level of the game is limited and there are certain targets to achieve to complete the levels. The game is over once the time is over. If you fail to achieve the targets in the give time, you will have to start the level again. As the levels of the game increase, you will have to make more matches that can prove to be a challenging task in the game. Use the mouse of the computer to click and play this skill based online game.